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At Tarkett, social and environmental responsibility are woven, stamped and sealed into everything we do—driven by our commitment to create healthier environments indoors and out, today and for generations to come.

The carbon-neutral Inspired Nature Collection is drawn from nature’s ability to heal itself and us, helping you create environmentally conscious spaces where people are supported and inspired to perform at their best.

Coordinating styles of modular carpet, Powerbond® and LVT evoke endless natural vistas and contribute to biophilic interiors. Use the patterns individually or in tandem to compose spaces where people feel comforted and focused–leading to greater employee satisfaction and productivity.

Painted Desert | Modular

Sky Atlas | Modular

Tundra Flower | Powerbond + Modular

Metamorphic | LVT

Riverbend | LVT

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Painted Desert

MODULAR | 24”X24”, 9”X36”, 18”X36”

Painted Desert echoes the vast, wind-worn, canyon landscape, with striated textures and glimpses of contrast. The larger-scale pattern creates a sense of movement and openness within a space in 12 colorways.

Sky Atlas

MODULAR | 24”X24”, 9”X36”, 18”X36”

Sky Atlas looks upward, to the amorphous shapes of clouds as they transform across an open sky. With its smaller scale, the style works beautifully to support areas of imagination and reflection in 12 colorways.

Painted Desert, Sky Atlas, Tundra Flower, Riverbend LVT

Tundra Flower

POWERBOND® + MODULAR | 24”X24”, 9”X36”, 18”X36”

Tundra Flower provides organic, softened structure with a subtle grid, like seedlings piercing arid clay. The medium-scale pattern supports a sense of connection, ideal for collaborative spaces in 12 colorways.

Metamorphic LVT


In layers of shaded lines, Metamorphic LVT creates a calming sense of stone with subtle directional movement in 2 colorways.

Painted Desert, Sky Atlas, Tundra Flower, Metamorphic LVT

Riverbend LVT

18”X18”, 12”X36”

Reminiscent of foaming water currents or mineral-specked swirls of stone, Riverbend LVT provides soothing, organic depth in 2 colorways.

As carbon-neutral flooring designed using Cradle to Cradle principles, Inspired Nature is responsibly manufactured with healthy materials. With this collection, you can support a regenerative natural world and bring indoors the restorative experience that nature helps us find for ourselves.

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