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Psst. We have an announcement to whisper.

It’s no secret that poor acoustics are the number-one criticism people have for their work environments. Each time we’re distracted by unwanted noise, it takes an average of 15 minutes to regain concentration. Multiply that by several distractions a day for each employee, and you can quickly see how poor acoustics have a direct impact on company performance.


English Oak PNP 8708 Warm Greige

Make a sound investment.

When compared to similar products, Even Plane LVT’s acoustical performance is in the top of its class.

Testing shows Even Plane absorbs the sound of nearby foot traffic 30% better than building code requires*, helping everyone in the space work better together.

*Code assumption: IIC 50. Based on ASTM E492 (6” concrete slab with drop ceiling). In addition, ASTM E2179 resulted in an ΔIIC of 19.


Marble Pulpis PNS 8701, Knot Stitch G0057 Star Gazer 60810

No Transitions Required

Even Plane LVT can be installed next to Tarkett’s modular carpet tile without transition strips for faster, more cost-efficient installation and a reduced risk of trip and fall accidents.

Cement Chevron Medium Grey

Top-of-Class Protection

With a 32-mil wear layer and state-of-the-art Techtonic® protection, Even Plane LVT offers superior resistance to scratches, scuffs, stains and abrasions. To date, more than 50 million square feet of Techtonic-protected flooring have been installed, and not a single performance claim has been received.


Minimal Wood PNP 8713 Grey, Minimal Wood PNP 8714 Dark Grey

Mix & Match Designs

Even Plane offers wood, stone and textile visuals in multiple tile and plank sizes, so they can be mixed and matched in a variety of creative combinations and layouts. Whether you’re creating a soothing atmosphere for quiet, focused work or a vibrant collaboration space, Tarkett’s Even Plane LVT expands your design options for delineating space, helping us all work better together.

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